Reduce your household energy consumption.

Replacing an open fire with an efficient stove can reduce the household energy consumption by 8% to 10%. 

Inset stoves are integrated stoves built into the standard fireplace opening. These can be the ideal solution for smaller rooms or narrow hearths. Unlike the freestanding stoves, they provide the choice for you to have a highly efficient stove without taking up vital space in your room.

They come in square, landscape and portrait formats and are wood burning and multi fuel. Inset stoves allow you to enjoy the look of a real log fire and the heat of a stove.

CLARE 6KW Specifications. Output 6kwkw (max) Height 612mm Width 410mm Depth 344mm Weight 73kg Flue 150mm
CLARE 11KW 3 OR 4 SIDE FRAME Specifications. Output 11kw (max) Height 612mm Width 660mm Depth 344mm Weight 98kg Flue 150mm
DOOLIN Specifications. Output 5kw (max) Height 600mm Width 490mm Depth 385mm Weight 92kg Flue 150mm
DUNMORE EBONY ENAMEL Specifications. Output 5kw (max) Height 620mm Width 490mm Depth 262mm Weight 71kg Flue 150mm
POLLMORE CREAM 5 & 7KW Specifications. Output 7kw (max) Height 597mm Width 490mm Depth 358mm Weight 76kg Flue 125mm
AILLWEE Specifications. Output kw (max) Height 610mm Width 530mm
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