Thinking of installing a wood burning or multi fuel stove from Penders - Dublin in your home? 

At Pender's Fireplaces we can supply and fit a range of stoves in Dublin to suit every size room. Whether you want a wood burning stove or need to use a stove to heat your home give us a call and we’ll offer advice on the best stove to suit your requirements Solid fuel stoves are a fantastic way to heat your home efficiently. We have a wide range of stoves in various colours to blend with your decor.

Work recently completed

CASHEL Specifications. Output 5kw (max) Height 550mm Width 420mm Depth 330mm Weight 65kg Flue 125m
ASHFORD Specifications Output 7.5kw max Height 580mm Width 460mm Depth 460mm Weight 97kg Flue 125m
BELLEEK Specifications. Output 11.5kw (max) Height 590mm Width 520mm Depth 440mm Weight 110kg Flue 125mm
BLACKROCK CREAM ENAMEL Specifications. Output 10kw (max) Height 590mm Width 530mm Depth 480mm Weight 97kg Flue 125mm
BELVELLY 12KW Specifications. Output 12kw (max) Height 635mm Width 493mm Depth 369mm Weight 125kg Flue 150mm
BELTRA Specifications. Output 8kw (max) Height 560mm Width 540mm Depth 380mm Weight 90kg Flue 125mm
MERRION Specifications. Output 7kw (max) Height 890mm Width 480mm Depth 440mm Weight 82kg Flue 150mm
SKELLIG Specifications. Output 7kw (max) Height 610mm Width 450mm Depth 340mm Weight 81kg Flue 125mm
LISSADELL SKILLET Specifications. Output 5kw (max) Height 514mm Width 395mm Depth 343mm Weight 72kg Flue 150mm
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